July 4th

Saturday, November 20, 2010

To tree, or not to tree...that is my question!

Meet Ava...

Ava is the newest addition to our family.  Ava is a Goldendoodle puppy.  (Go ahead...say it...Goldendoodle! Its a funny word!)  She is such a sweet and loving little dog.  Well, not so little anymore!

Ava joined our family back in March of this year.  She was my mothers day gift! I love her dearly.  But a new puppy brings a new problem.  No, not potty training...the Christmas Tree!! What do we do this year for Christmas?? She loves to chew on our things...shoe strings, toys, hats, socks, you get the picture! I am scared to put my Christmas tree up this year, fearing she will eat it or the ornaments.  I don't want her to become sick or be injured tasting all my pretty trinkets! I've Googled for answers and haven't had any luck...

Baby gate the tree:  she jumps over the gates or shimmies under the gates...and they are ugly and a pain in the tushie for us bipeds! 

Restrict the area:  Ava loves to be with us.  She is my shadow.  If she isn't following me she is trying to lick my husband to death.  Restricting her from our living room is just not an option. 
Spray the tree and ornaments with Bitter Apple:  1. This stuff stinks.  2. It only works temporarily.  3. This stuff stinks.
I can't imagine a Bebout Christmas without a tree.  The last time we came close to that was the year I bought a live tree that my hubby so lovingly referred to as the "Charlie Brown Tree".  

I don't even want to think about placing wrapped gifts under the tree this year!!!

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